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Why A DLP Samsung TV Makes Noise?

Do you have a Samsung TV that makes noise when it's on? That's a common problem with DLP Samsung Tvs. These television sets have just two moving parts - the cooling fan and the color wheel; if the sound you hear is the high-pitched whine, chances are your color wheel needs to be replaced. 

Is It A Humming Noise?

Most Samsung DLP TVs make some noise when turned on, but in most cases the noise is hardly noticeable. These television sets have two cooling fans that create a slight buzzing noise during startup and if you just sit a bit farther away from the television set, the noise shouldn't bother you. However, if it's a loud continuous buzzing, that means your fan is failing and needs to be replaced.

How Long Before The Color Wheel Stops Working?

It's fairly common for users to neglect a slight humming or buzzing noise coming from the television set. What most people don't realize is, if it's a faulty color wheel that makes a whining noise when it spins up to speed, the television is already struggling to render true colors on the screen - if it's not replaced immediately, the entire color mechanism is going to fail and it's only a matter of time before you start seeing just black-and-white pictures. So, the television needs to be seen immediately by a certified television repair technician.

What If The Cooling Fan Is Not Replaced Immediately?

If it's one of the cooling fans thatís responsible for the noise, it takes to be changed immediately. A faulty cooling fan means, the heat inside the television set isnít completely channeled out and that could cause some serious damage to the motherboard inside the set.

Why Not Diagnose The Problem Yourself And Maybe Solve It Too?

Even though there are hundreds of television repair tutorials available online, it's not recommended you open up your television set and start experimenting. There is a high risk of electrical shock (even when the television is disconnected from the wall unit) and you could seriously damage functioning parts inside the system while trying to figure out the problem. It is hence recommended that you get your television set checked only by a certified service technician.

What If You Just Replace Both The Color Wheel And Cooling Fan Yourself?

That is not recommended because the risks outweigh the benefits. If you replace both of them without identifying the true nature of the problem, you might end up spending way more than youíd have paid a service technician and still not be completely satisfied with the results because only a service technician knows what color wheels and fans work best in different Samsung models.

Any Other Benefits Of Going To The Service Technician?

A certified technician would not only fix the noise problem on your television set, but also make sure that other parts are not secretly planning to go AWOL very soon. It is also about mental satisfaction. Even if you do manage to figure out and solve a problem yourself, you wouldn't have peace inside your mind because it was just an experiment for you. So, it's always better to have a service technician handle your television problems.

What type of service technician to choose?

A certified television repair technician who is not far from your home or office and has experience in repairing Samsung televisions should be an ideal choice. It is also a good idea to check out the FAQ section of your television repair techniciansí website. Look for the very question you have in mind - Samsung Tv Makes Noise? If they have the question listed there, they definitely know how to fix the problem.

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