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The current markets are filled with a wide selection of high-definition televisions. These televisions employ better technology that significantly enhances their clarity and sound quality, with LCD or Liquid Crystal Display televisions providing some of the best features. With many beginners in this market spending an excess of 500 dollars to enjoy the fantastic look offered by LCDs, there is one issue that concerns a majority of them: the affordability of professional LCD TV repair.

The cost of fixing an LCD TV is not fixed, since it depends on what part of the TV requires repair. The brand also influences the cost of repair, since different manufacturers price their components differently. Furthermore, LCDs use very specific parts that cannot be interchanged among multiple brands.  

As such, the cost of repairing an LCD TV depends on the intricacy of the broken TV set, the part that needs replacement, and labor charges. The most important part of fixing a broken TV set is identifying the problem, since you can choose to fix it yourself or consult a technician. For instance, a simple task like replacing the backlight can cost you 85 dollars including labor, but you can purchase the backlight for 20 dollars and replace it yourself, if you can manage the risk of damaging your expensive LCD. 

There are some repairs that cost as high as 300 dollars, especially for old TVs. In such cases, it may be better to get a new one that will not trouble you a lot in future. One of the expensive TV repairs that may not be worth considering is the replacement of the LCD panel itself, which costs more than half the price of the TV. 

Some LCD TV problems like no sound, speakersí not working, IR sensor replacement, or the remote not working can be fixed by a professional for a relatively small amount. For these problems, a large portion of your payment caters for the labor. As such, it is better to establish whether you can fix the problem on your own, and only seek professional assistance for severe problems. 

Another factor to consider before opting for repair is the warranty period of your TV. Your LCD TV vendor can fix some minor problems like blurred images or backlight replacement for free, if your TV is still under warranty. However, you may still be required to seek professional repair services if the damage on your LCD was caused by poor maintenance or not adhering to the instructions that came with the TV manual. 

To reduce costs associated with LCD TV repair, it is best to seek an extended warranty when purchasing an LCD TV from a manufacturer. It only costs an extra 15 percent of the TV price, but can save you hundreds of dollars in repair, later on. In the event that you need to repair your LCD TV, you should always seek the services of a certified professional, unless you are absolutely sure that you can solve the problem yourself without damaging your expensive TV set.

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