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Every year, the market has a number of televisions launched by different manufacturers. Hitachi is one of them and their televisions are fairly popular.

Hitachi TV Repair: What’s the life span of your Hitachi LCD T.V

The lifespan of Hitachi LCD TVs is around 10 years. These television circuits are manufactured to last just over 10,000 hours. If yearly viewing is around 1000 hours, your LCD (with proper handling) should last at least 10 years.

However, in some cases it could last a bit less depending on how you handle your television and also whether or not it has in some manufacturing defects.

The pixel problem

Hitachi televisions have better user interface compared to other brands on the market. The display components are made to last long and are usually resilient, but sometimes there is dead pixel problem with Hitachi LCD televisions. If it doesn't correct itself automatically, it means the transistor needs to be looked upon by a service technician immediately.

Projector light not working

If your images are not as bright as they were earlier, chances are your projector light is not functioning properly. Under such circumstances, you might encounter unexpected dark patches on the screen. The problem can be easily solved by just replacing or repairing the projector light.

Improper color rendering

This problem is not common but not unheard of too. Sometimes, there are unwanted red, white or gray spots on different areas of the screen. Some spots usually disappear with a light finger press on the screen itself, but others simply refuse to go. That could be a transistor problem too and needs immediate attention.

TV remote control not working

That's a very common problem, but can be easily rectified. You need to first check whether the battery has enough juice in it. If the battery is okay, chances are the motherboard inside your remote is not working properly. For Hitachi TVs, remote controls can be easily repaired and restored back to working order.

Television does not respond to your commands (even when the remote is working)

You need to understand that your LCD television works with the help of microprocessors just like computers and even though microprocessors don't go bad too easily, they are not immune to voltage fluctuations and mishandling. If it's not a problem with your remote control, chances are your microprocessor isn't working properly.

Overheating problem

Sometimes, television sets function normally a couple of minutes after startup, but behave erratically if run for a couple of hours. Maybe, your set is getting overheated and the heat is not getting dissipated properly. The problem needs to be attended to immediately because this could damage other functional parts inside the system.

Hitachi TV Repair: Repair or replace?

Some people think it's not worth it to repair an LCD and rather prefer to replace it. Of course, if you want to replace your old TV with something more advanced, replacement is the only choice you have. But, if you're considering replacing it just to get rid of your problems, think twice - LCD and LED TVs are repairable. You just need an experienced Hitachi TV repair service technician to help you out.

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